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Athletes and Chiropractic

To all the high school or college athletes and parents of athletes, this blog is to help you start thinking and hopefully taking action on ways to help your body train, perform, and recover faster than before. You cannot get around the fact that during workouts, training, practices, and games that you are going to put not only your spine, but your entire body in a compromised position, leading to the increased chance of injury or just general wear and tear.

Tri County Chiropractic care can help you train, play, and recover better and faster giving you the advantage over other athletes who do not use chiropractic care and suffer through pain.

Here are some quick questions you can ask yourself:

1. Have you have felt pain, stiffness, or soreness with working out and or training in preparation for your sport or activity?

2. Have you have missed any past or current training sessions, practice, or games due to injury or because of feeling to sore?

3. Do you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night?

4. How long have you have been dealing with a nagging injury that will not get any better?

5. Do you ever feel that your body just breaks down too fast during the middle or tail end of the season?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, chiropractic care could be beneficial to you and your sport or activity.

Here are some of the main points on how Tri County Chiropractic can help you not only as athletes today, but also for your future self’s in terms of wear and tear that accumulates on your body:

1. Can help reduce wear and tear on the body by reducing misalignment's, relieving pressure and stress on the affected area(s)

2. Enhance performance: An aligned spine can lead to bigger gains due to the muscles and bones performing and functioning at peak performance

3. Increased flexibility and range of motion: Adjustments help keep the muscles and joints limber by allowing them to move as they were designed leading to less pulling and tightness

4. Prevent bigger problems: By correcting misalignment's and tight muscles the small problems do not become bigger or make you lose time due to an injury that could have been prevented

5. Prevent post game pain and muscle soreness: Yes you may still be sore but a relaxed spine and happy muscles are easier to relax than tight and irritated muscles from misalignment's that have to been corrected

6. Sleep better: Now this may not be the case before the game due to nerves, but quality sleep is needed to function at your best daily and chiropractic can help by relieving pressure on the nerves (leading to better sleep)

7. Decreased Muscle Pain: Many problems or ailments can be fixed by relaxing muscles and we have the modalities to do so (Electric Stimulation, Graston, and Stretching Techniques)

8. Decreased Over the Counter Drugs Usage: Chiropractic care allows the body to heal itself without the use of drugs, leading to less stress on the liver and other organs

If you have other questions about how chiropractic care can help you or other athletes you know train, play, recover, and stay healthy, give us a call at Tri County Chiropractic at 920-982-5533 (New London) or 920-730-1148 (Kimberly). Good luck to all teams this season! We are here to help!

- Dr. Jared Bedor

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