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Chiropractic and Children

When is the earliest that you would recommend a child get adjusted?

Is it safe for a baby to get adjusted? I’ve had many parents ask me questions like these and many more I enjoy these types of questions because it shows that the parents are interested in the benefits that chiropractic has to offer babies and young children.

Lets start by answering the first two questions. I would recommend a baby getting adjusted as soon as possible. Does that mean driving the child to the office right after being born? No. But imagine for a second what your little one or ones just went through, and understand that what just happened was very traumatic. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. The baby has been cramped and running out of room inside the mother for about 2-3 months. It’s just like when you sleep weird and wake up stiff and sore.

Then, is it safe for babies to get adjusted? Yes, the same types of adjustments are done to babies as adults. However, we clearly do not use the same intensity. When adjusting babies a small amount of pressure is applied to the problem area.

Another question that likes to come up with babies and young children is, “My child doesn’t have any problems. Why should I get them adjusted?” Well in the brief time that we have been chatting I definitely didn’t touch on all of the benefits chiropractic has had with helping babies and young children. I would then explain how getting adjusted regularly, meaning every 3-6 months with young children, helps their brain and body develop while also helping to prevent aliments or conditions that may arise.

This is when I often hand them a business card and have them call if they have any other questions.

Here are some areas that chiropractic helps with babies and young children.


Can alleviate digestive problems (Acid Reflux, Constipation)

Can help decrease colicky or irritable babies

Helps to increase the child’s immunity and overall immune system, (Meaning less illness)

Can help prevent/treat ear infections, meaning NO TUBES

Can help babies sleep better at night

Creates a solid foundation for the rest of their lives

Helps to maximize and increase the brains ability to develop and grow


Can help with bed-wetting and sleeping issues

Can potentially assist with behavioral disorders by relaxing the nervous system

Can help your child concentrate better

Encourages good spinal posture

Can help reduce or alleviate asthma of breathing difficulty symptoms by allowing the lungs to communicate with the brain better

So, if after reading this you have any questions, please feel free to give either of our offices a call. Also, feel free to share this blog with anybody you feel could use the information for his or her little one.

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Dr. Jared Bedor

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